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Can I ask for them to buy my new ajs motorbike bike as electric start does not work?

Bought ajs 2009 125cc motorbike in this country (UK) have had lots of problems. I am thinking about asking them to buy it back as electric start now does not work only kick start. Am very dissappointed with it and want to get rid of it. Will they do this?

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4 Responses to “Can I ask for them to buy my new ajs motorbike bike as electric start does not work?”

  1. Erics Towing & Auto Sales Inc. said :

    I dont think so

  2. BARRY B said :

    No they won’t oblige. They are required to repair it under 12 month warranty. A faulty starter is not a major problem. Sounds to me like you have had second thoughts and need an excuse to return it. It doesn’t quite work like that.

  3. Philip P said :

    depending on if the fault is the battery and a result of user error then they may replace the battery
    But as you’ve asked before have you contacted the main distributor in Andover
    Have you been to CAB to get advice
    Your rights as a consumer WILL NOT BE EFFECTED as the goods have to be “Fit for purpose”
    So assuming NO ERROR on your part and the GOODS are faulty, then the company as a first resort will be allowed to do the following:-
    1, repair at their cost
    2 Replace with like goods
    3 If goods still not fit for purpose a FULL refund could be requested and compensation sought through the small claims court,.

    Get the bike assessed by an independant authority I would suggest the AA and the RAC..
    BTW your insurance for the bike…..! Did you pay for “LEGAL”….
    If that is the case then contact your insurance company’s legal dept, they will advise you… they may even take on your case

  4. woznotwoz said :

    Phone your local Trading Standards office and they will soon set you right. They will give you great advice.

    Under the sale of goods act your machine must be fit for purpose and as it’s new it is reasonable to assume that the selling dealer/importer has a duty to put things right


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