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How easy is doing a CBT for a 125cc Motorbike?

Im wanting to do a CBT for a 125 c motorbike. If you’ve done it before , how easy is it and what can I expect?
I hear that the instructors will take you on to public roads.
That combined with changing gears is my biggest concern.

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7 Responses to “How easy is doing a CBT for a 125cc Motorbike?”

  1. Ichi said :

    It’s easy.

    They will allow you 1/2 day to get used to handling and changing gears off the road where it is nice and safe.

    They won’t let you on the road until you are ready.

    It’s honestly very easy to ride a motorbike.

  2. BLUE MOON said :

    Pretty easy.

    I understand your concern with gearing though as it is a bit illogical but all i can say is practice shifting from high to neutral and you should be fine just make sure you don’t keep popping into 1st failing that keep the clutch in

  3. Vincent said :

    97% pass , I will find it hard to believe if you “fail”.

  4. I know more than you do said :

    When I started riding my biggest problem wasn’t changing gear, it’s surprisingly easy. My biggest problem was letting the clutch out and moving off I either stalled or let it out too quick and wheeled away. Just take your time and you should be fine.

  5. fred405 said :

    Very Very easy

    If you can ride a pushbike then you will come away after a day with the CBT crew with a pass

    The idea is to make sure that you will be safe on the road without supervision. They will stay with you until that end is reached within the day

    Good luck

  6. Grizzly said :

    It’s pretty straight forward. Basically it’s a 1 day course, you start off with the absolute basics (including your highway code knowledge) in a car park or closed, off road area. Firstly your instructor will just get you moving off and stopping, then progress to changing gear, then clutch control, turning, braking, mock junctions etc. Once you’ve got the basics he will take you out on the public road for a ride that usually lasts about 60 – 90 minutes. During this time he will assess if he feels that you are safe and competent, if he feels you are then you’ll get a pass.

    I would say most people pass on the first day but if your instructor has any doubts he may ask you to go back for a little more training before issuing your certificate.

    I had never ridden a bike before my CBT and got through on the day even with torrential rain and howling wind!

  7. Denae Amey said :

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