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Can we start riding Motorcycle if you already have Car License?

Or you have to get a license for motorcycle too, and do you have to wear the motorcycle suit thing?

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7 Responses to “Can we start riding Motorcycle if you already have Car License?”

  1. budda said:

    you do need a motorcycle permit thats just a test and the gear you wear is up to you but the helmet

  2. sparky said:

    if youre in texas, then you have to get a class m license

  3. Firecracker . said:

    You need a motorcycle license, or at least a learner’s permit.
    You don’t need to wear the silly suit, but protective clothing is a good idea.

  4. Cory A said:

    In order to legally drive a motorcycle you must either have a motorcycle permit, or a motorcycle license which is an extension to a regular operators license(similar to a commercial license but for motorcycles obviously). There are two ways to obtain a license:

    1) Take learners course that will give you an endorsement which you bring to the DMV and they will add a motorcycle license to your operators license. You have to pass the class of course, similar to a regular drivers ed course. MSF(Motorcycle Safety Foundation) hosts courses all across the country and their endorsements are accepted in every state.

    2) Acquire a permit from your DMV. You have to pass a written test in order to be issued the permit. They will write you in for a date to be road tested(in a parking lot). Go back on your date, pass, get your license.

    The site listed above can offer more information that is state specific.

    Good Luck.

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