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I am 22 years old and want to ride a motorbike? Had a driving license for 4 years? What is my next step?

I would like to get a motorbike, my budget is £10,000. But I am unsure where to start and what I need to do. I have only been driving cars all my life and want to change.

I do not want a moped or a scooter. I am in the UK by the way. Thanks.

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14 Responses to “I am 22 years old and want to ride a motorbike? Had a driving license for 4 years? What is my next step?”

  1. Erica said :

    go to a bike showroom in your city. and also check your license includes to ride a bike also. and then learn it. it is same like a car just the gears changes by your legs

  2. Gabriel H said :

    my neighbors down the street had a nephew. HAD A NEPHEW! his head was rolling down the highway!

  3. the time bomb said :

    You need a motorbike riding license. So learn it and get the license. Then you go to the motor bike show room and buy the one you like most. Then ride carefully as there’s a high percentage of motorbike accidents. It’s that simple really.

  4. Issues said :

    im sure the process is like it is in the united states where I am at. All I did was go to the local Driver License department and asked them for a motorcycle test. Once I past the written test I was able to ride a bike during the day. After 6 months I took the road test which let me ride day or night.

    So go to the same place that gave you your permit and ask them for a motorcycle one

  5. it's me said :

    Go to a motorcycle dealers and they can advise you what you need to do before you get on the road. You will need to take a CBT before you do anything, and if you want a powerful bike, then you’ll need to take a proper bike test, because i think your license only covers you up to a certain cc?

  6. O Wise One said :

    If the kind of change includes the desire for a hospital visit, get a motorcycle. Dude- The sad fact is that driving a motorcycle is fun, but DANGEROUS. You MUST drive defensively! People have a lot on their minds (talking on their cellphones, etc…) and don’t see you. If you absolutely want a bike, save your life and wear a safety vest and drive with your headlight on, unless you WANT to become a casualty. Sorry to bum you out… …just the facts. Peace.

  7. jasmine boycott france said :

    You will probably want to do a Direct Access course.

    Try registering at a website like; there will be existing threads and FAQ sections about this. You will also find that many local bikers are very encouraging of beginners. Learn as much as you can from them by going along to meets and rideouts- doing the DAS gets you started, but you’ll be learning for as long as you ride bikes.

    As far as what bike to get? My advice would be to hold on to that cash until you’ve been riding for a couple of years on a good, ‘lightly used’ learner friendly motorcycle like an SV650, Hornet or maybe a Bandit. It’s very easy to read a few mags and get excited about big powerful bikes, but it’s far better to wait until you have some riding experience before buying something that might prove to be an expensive mistake. Especially anything with fairings, because believe me- you will drop it at some point, and fairings do NOT come cheap!

  8. GOD said :

    Because you already have a full car drivers license, you are allowed to use this as a provisional license for a motorcycle with an engine size of up to 125cc, you will have to take Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course (I think that it takes about four hours and costs about £100, once you have done this, you can ride the bike but you must display “L” plates until you pass your test and you must take a test within two years, to be allowed to ride a motorbike above a 125cc engine size, you will have to pass a second test but you will need to take lessons and be accompanied by an instructor, once this second test is passed, you will be qualified to ride any motorbike.
    I have given a link to the MCN website, this explains it better than I have.
    Riding bikes is great fun but you are the most vulnerable on the roads and if you do pursue your desire to ride one, I would suggest that you invest in a set of motorcycle leathers and gloves.
    because if you come off you can get the most awful cuts through ordinary clothes, with leathers, you tend to slide.

  9. marty s said :

    step one- go to or call the local DMV, they will tell you to come in and take a written test, if you pass you will get your temps. This will allow you to ride only in the day time and without a passenger. The temps last about 6 months and are renewable.

    Step 2- after about two weeks you can schedule and appt for a road test on the your bike. if you pass it , you get your license, which is good forever and can be automatically transferred to any US State.


    You can go to your local technical college or some mcycle dealers who sponsor Mcycle license training programs. The usually cost about $200 and last 2 days.If you take it and pass, they give you a certificate which you take to the DMV and you get your license .

  10. Timbo is here said :

    Your car licence will act as a provisional for a bike. The fact that you have a car licence gets you no more than that when it comes to getting a bike licence.
    You need to take what is called the direct access route.
    Firstly you have to do a CBT COURSE – this is not a test, everyone has to at least once before going on road on a bike/moped.
    The places that you can do that should be in the Yellow pages. The people who do the CBT will also be able to tell you what needs to be done and the costs for the…..
    “Direct access
    After taking CBT and the theory test, the practical test may be taken on a motorcycle with a power output of at least 35kW. A pass allows you to ride any size of bike. All or part of the CBT course may be taken on either a learner bike or a large bike. You may practice for the practical test on bikes larger than the learner bike specification provided:

    •you are accompanied at all times by an approved instructor on another bike and in radio contact
    •you wear fluorescent or reflective clothing and follow all other provisional licence restrictions”

    Once you have done all that you will then be able to go buy any bike that an insurer will cover you for that you can afford.

    Initially for the training, tests and clothing budget £1200
    Forget jumping on a litre sports bike as the insurers will not cover you until you have more experience at 22.
    The best bet for a start will be a used bike like a Suzuki SV650 or a Suzuki Bandit 600/650. Both will be plenty fast enough for a newbie and powerful enough that you will not get bored with them easily. Stick to that for the first 2 years and then move on if you wish. No need to spend anywhere near £10000 for a start as a used one of those in very good condition would be less than £4000

    Good luck with that and welcome to the fold.

    I have been biking since 1977 and currently have a Suzuki GSX1400 K5 and am a Suzuki fan though for me all jap bikes and Triumphs are the only ones I will ever buy.

  11. Joe said :

    You will need to motorbike licence. I did direct access course which allows unlimited cc bike. The test has changed slightly since i did it 4 years ago. When have full licence buy the best leathers you can afford + gloves + Boots + Helmet + waterproofs, allow at least £1000 for this. I would start with a 500cc or 600 and remember, you WILL drop it or crash it. I did and every single other rider i know has done at some point.

    Good luck and remember u are totally invisable to everone else on the road.

  12. ron said :

    first get a motorcycle endorsement added to your license. then ask local dealer about beginners classes. he/she might be able to point you in the right direction. if the dealer in not very helpful you can always look for training classes via the internet.. but you will need to take classes it will lower you insurance and possible save your life.. but i do not advise trying to learn on your own

  13. kp_news said :

    First of all take your CBT. This is training suitable for even those who have never even sat on a bike before. It will last a day, or more if needed. (£100 approx included bike hire, insurance etc).

    Next get some lessons under your belt. These are around £50 a time for two hours again including bike hire and what not.

    Take your theory test (similar to car one) (£31)

    Once you and your instructor feel ready you need to take the first part of the test – Module One which is £15.50 (This involves riding around an offroad pad/circuit in a set route performing different manuovers.

    Once you’ve passed Mod one you can take Module 2 which is £75. This is an on the road test.

    Hopefully you pass and then you can ride whatever bike you like of any size or cc (this applies to people over the age of 21 which obviously includes you).

    Under 21 and you learn on a 125cc, pass your test and are restricted to 33bhp for two years. Over 21 and you learn on a 500cc and are not restricted once you pass both parts of the test.

  14. Kraig Johannes said :

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