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I have a car driving licence but intend to get a motorbike licence now. What do I need to do?

What tests do I have to go through in order to get a motorbike driving licence?
yep thanks. I meant I dont theory again right? How many hours of practice do I need? How much would it cost?
I live in England so US answers, though appreciated, are not of any use to me.

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13 Responses to “I have a car driving licence but intend to get a motorbike licence now. What do I need to do?”

  1. dialupwastheninetys said :

    Duhhhh You have to pass your test on a MOTORCYCLE!!!

  2. kelly_f_1999 said :

    just like getting the first one you take a test.. but its on motorcycles and then you drive bike in lot and they watch

  3. ? said :

    It depends entirely on the state or nation, ask your authorities – it may range from nothing (unlikely) to a full test.

  4. districtrs said :

    look in the yellow pages
    same place as where u do ur cbt
    they do a day with u then see how many days u need
    the more days the more it cost
    u cnt do it like a car where u have 1 lesson a week
    u do it all in a week, i have a bike and its brilliant!

    unless ur american then i dunno

  5. [email protected] said :

    The dmv has a specific written test and driving test. Study your written
    test, and if you are confident about your driving abilities, take the test, you’ll do just fine. Good luck.

  6. ? said :

    check with motor vehicles your state they probably have a webstie

  7. J G said :

    You need to take a CBT test – ask at your local bike dealer – there are then three further test options depending on your age & the size of bike you’d like to end up with;

  8. DragonLord 66 said :

    the same thing as with a car license. write a written test, then do a road test on a bike. try to find a course first as the skills for riding a bike are a lot different than for driving a car,

  9. postie272000 said :

    From your spelling of licence I assume that you are in the UK.
    First you need to get a CBT certificate, that usually involves a one day course or it can be spread over a number of evenings.
    Then you will be allowed to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc on the road with L plates after that you take a practical test when you pass that you will be limited to 250cc for two years.
    There is a way to bypass the 250cc limit for older riders (over 21).

  10. LOL said :

    You just need to pass the CBT (in UK that is ) -compulsory basic training.My husband did it a few weeks ago.

  11. uday vikram said :

    just apply for gear motor bike license…… ride the bike in front of inspector to provide the license

  12. tantric said :

    you have to go to the same place you got your normal license and then get a motorbike license

    get a ducati 1098 once you pass!!!!!!

  13. Frankie Molitor said :

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