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What do i need to do to ride a 250cc motorbike?

I’m thinking of learning to ride a motorbike, Now i have a few questions.

1. Can i ride a 250cc straight away? As i need to ride on the motorway to get to work and i know you cannot ride a 125cc on it.

2. What test(s) do i need to do to enable me to ride a 250cc?


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6 Responses to “What do i need to do to ride a 250cc motorbike?”

  1. GAVIN E said :

    You would need to take a full motorcycle test to ride a bike of this size.

  2. By George, It's Limahl said :

    here’s everything you need.
    Different rules for over 21’s a fast track. You need to read this governmental advice.

  3. desert camel said :

    1,no…to ride a 250cc you have to take a full bike test.
    2,cbt,pt1 and pt 2 tests…

  4. edgehog74 said :

    if you only have one ball, then a 250 is fine for you. But for guys with two or more balls, you want at least a 600.

  5. Philip P said :

    you’ll need to tke direct access either restricted or the DAS non restricted test. thus you can ride a 250 on uk roads.
    the 125 test will entitle you to drive any bike up to 33 bhp
    and you can ride a 125 on the motorway… just not on l plates and you need your full test to do so..

    if you want a scooter there is one other option Piaggio have bought out the LT version of thier MP3 which is designed for car drivers
    take a look at this link..

  6. grenmatta said :

    CBT, Theory test, Practical test (2 parts).
    BTW you are allowed to ride 125cc bikes on the motorway, but not as a learner.


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