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Can you ride a road legal motorbike without windmirrors?

I live in the UK and i was wondering, can i ride a Derbi Senda 125cc motorbike (road legall) on the road without wind mirrors becuase when i look to buy one on ebay, some of them do not have windmirrors on?

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10 Responses to “Can you ride a road legal motorbike without windmirrors?”

  1. Big Sexy said :

    i highly doubt it

  2. ..Sparkling Diamond.. said :

    After looking at the MOT requirements for Motorcycles, there appears to be no mention of them and i’m quite sure they are not a legal requirement; without them you can still pass an MOT.
    I live in the Isle of Man where bikes come from all over the world and there are many road legal old bikes without mirrors or only with one mirror.
    Mirrors are cheap enough to get and it is good to have at least one.
    But to save any grief from coppers just waiting to pull bikers over for something, it would be best if you just buy a set to fit for riding it home(they only screw on).
    Nice bike, have fun on it!
    🙂 x

  3. Simondo said :

    as said before you dont need mirrors for passing mot but it would be wise to fit them.
    anyway, good luck!

  4. Ben said :

    I have seen bikes with no mirrors but i personally would hate to ride like that, for a start you would have to spin your head right around to check before you overtake or change lane on a dual carriage way… Not safe. Buy the bike then buy some more mirrors.
    Hate to be a spelling nazi but they are wing mirrors not wind mirrors 😀

  5. mafiaboss_nz said :

    No you need a wing mirror on the right hand side as minimum as this is the side you will always merge onto the motorway with, not sure why exactly but you dont need a left one as long as you have a right but this is the minimum requirement….

  6. Twisted_Ace said :

    I have never heard of “wind mirrors” in 27 years of driving.
    I assume you actually mean “wing mirrors”, which were mirrors fitted to the wings of cars, up until the 1980’s, when they were replaced by door mirrors.
    Motorcycles don’t have wings, so they don’t have wing mirrors. They just have mirrors.

    Mirrors are not a legal requirement for motorcycles or scooters. However, riding without mirrors is not a good idea…

  7. Bex said :

    Regulation 33 of the Road Vehicles (construction and Use) Regulations 1986 states that that a two wheeled motorcycle with or without a side car attached are exempt from being required to having mirrors fitted however a motor vehicle first used on or after the 1st of April 1969 must have mirrors.
    If your machine is fitted with mounting points for mirrors then you must have them and must be maintained. If no mounting points then no you are not required to have mirrors.

  8. Royce Gibert said :

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