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What are the advantages/disadvantages of buying an imported car and which website?

I am considering buying a new car and I have been told that there are disadvantages of buying cheaper imported cars on line. Is the insurance more, is the selling price less when need is required etc? The on line companies that sell these cheaper priced cars state that the vehicles are sold as British recommendation.

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5 Responses to “What are the advantages/disadvantages of buying an imported car and which website?”

  1. demozast said :

    Look at the replacement parts price. Fuel pump for US car about $160, import about $400 and the list goes on and on. Imports usually last longer and get better mileage, but the cost of repairs is worse. My 95 Civic cost 2x the amount for insurance also. More people like to steal them.

  2. Jeff H said :

    I don’t know all the answers, but I do recall seeing a “60 Minutes” article on TV about cars bought out of country having to be retrofitted to meet US safety standards. It wasn’t cheap.
    All I’m saying is do investigate before spending that kind of money.
    The other possibility for concern depending on the car is parts availability.

  3. rinfrance said :

    Just be careful yes they are cheaper, but take a tip, if you buy the car abroad tax exempt for eventual importation into UK then buy it just as you go on vacation drive it around in Europe for over 2 months and you save a large lump of car tax and VAT as well.

  4. h8 said :

    buy a mazda bongo the best mpv around. import from japan no rust 2.5 litre turbo diesel but so versatile look on ebay for prices range from £4000 upwards with caper conversion you will pay more. Had mine for 4 months and its the best “car” i have ever had and very easy to drive

  5. Mark U said :

    There used to be big savings on imports but now brokers like me can get you a new english car from a main dealer for about the same price.

    Imports are always worth less when you sell them have different warranties and some main dealers wont take them in px.

    5 years ago imports were worth the trouble, now check out we are a brokerage based in Essex, you can get an instant online quote on any make and model.

    Please note we only suuply Uk NEW cars so if u insist on imports we cant help you.


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