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Do any of you know anything about the paintless car body repair?

My boyfriend is thinking of getting into business doing the paintless car body repair (fixing hail damage etc.). I’m a girl and I don’t know a lot about car repairs. Is it a profitable business? Or is he going to be wasting his money?

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4 Responses to “Do any of you know anything about the paintless car body repair?”

  1. gibbyguys said :

    My parents had a car done due to my mother backing into a mailbox and the guy did a great job in a pretty short time.I was thinking of going onto business doing exactly that and YES it is a very profitable business.You only get out what you put into it!

  2. Schnauzerface said :

    It is very profitable. After a hailstorm a good pdr person can make $600+ per day. Expect to invest a minimum of $1000.00 in tools and lots of time to practice.

  3. starwings20 said :

    Well I am sure it could be a profitable business, or it could be a nightmare… the type of business is important, but more important is the way the business is run. Just about any type of business can be profitable or not. I mean you could make millions selling sqeegies if you were the only person who sold them, you had a good distribution process, and a high enough profit, etc.

    So research the type of business, you need to know specifics about it, but you need to do alot more research than just asking about the type of business.

    How do you sell this product (or service in this case)? Are you going to be in a set business location, or are you going to go to the customer? Do you need to find customers, or how will they find you? What type of advertising must be done to attract the customers you need? Where will most of your business come from? Can you team up with a similar business that can refer people to you for this service?

    How much does it cost? What type of licenses are needed? Where will you get the training and supplies you need? How will you pay the vendor? How much will it cost per repair on average? How much is your other overhead, such as a telephone, rent if you have a shop, or vehicle if you are mobile, advertising, insurance, etc. Is this an independent venture or will you be part of a franchise or something similar? Will anyone be taking a cut out of your profit?

    How much can you sell it for? How many other people are offering this service? What are they charging? Is there room for another business doing the same thing? Or are there more businesses offering this service than people who need it? Are there times of the year when your services will be more popular? (Like construction is seasonal in most cases)

    Those are just some things to get you started, there is alot to research and think about before opening any business. And if you skip all of it and just do it anyway, you are likely to lose money no matter what the business is.

    A good site I like is Even if you don’t live in a small town, he has some excellent ideas and thoughts before starting a business. Also if you read some of the information about running a business, such as advertising, it will give you alot of information about the things you need to think about and research before opening a business. There are also many other website available for information and research.

    I think it could be a very profitable business, it is very popular right now… and if you do it right you could make alot of money. Good luck. And you don’t need to know about car repairs, you could be responsible for the business aspect and such. That is what I do and my husband does the repair aspect (mechanic) and it works pretty well for us.

    PS. Like mentioned above, about the hailstorms, it makes a difference where you are. Where I live, for example, we rarely see a hailstorm (maybe once every three years) so you wouldn’t get a lot of business from something like that. So what would most of your business, in your area, be? All part of the research.

    I’m just saying it could go either way… it could be very profitable or he could lose all his money and then some. It is important to do your research about the type of business in your specific area before you start anything.

  4. Clevis D said :

    I work for an insurance company and PDR can be very profitable, however, it is long and tedious work. If your boyfriend isn’t good with his hands then this is NOT the job for him. If he loves cars and building things and general tinkering then he probably has the stuff. Training is a big plus so try to hook up with a major company like Fixadent.


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