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Any advice for someone who wishes to learn about car repair?

I have always wanted to learn a little about car repair. I have never in my life known anyone who was into that kinda thing so I dont know anyone who can teach me. I dont want to become a menchanic so Im not talkin about going to a school or something like that. Im just lookin for maybe a book or website or anything that could maybe help me pick up a few things when it comes to car repair

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3 Responses to “Any advice for someone who wishes to learn about car repair?”

  1. RdSoxFan said :

    You can watch a friend change his oil, or watch your mechanic do some simple work and ask him questins nd take notes.

  2. ron k said :

    Most auto parts stores sell vehicle repair manuals that cover lots of makes and models of cars….Haynes in one of these and so is Chilton’s.

  3. Carpet Shark Luver said :

    Buy a repair manual for your vehicle and start doing maintainance and easy repairs on your own vehicle. Also there’s a book out there called ‘Car Repair for Dummies’ or something like that which is supposed to be very helpful. =)


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