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How can i arrange to transport a car i just bought to Portugal?

I’ve bought a car on ebay. The car isn’t road worthy and has no MOT. What is the best way to transport my car out of the country? Would i need to sort any paperwork? Can you recommend any good company?

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2 Responses to “How can i arrange to transport a car i just bought to Portugal?”

  1. latrailera2000 said :

    You should prob go for a “sea container” a 24′ would be good,if there is still room after you put in your car, you can sell the extra space.
    Here are some names of companys( you can also call the Port of Long beach of the Port of Oakland for more info.(Both in California) or any major shipping port close to where you are.
    China freight

  2. Ray P said :

    Try DHL they carry and transport just about anything anywhere and as they move F1 cars around the world they should be able to accommodate you.
    Alternatively look in your Yellow Pages for Shipping and Forwarding Agents. It is their job and will be able to advise.


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