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How can I run my car on cooking oil ?

Let’s face it, gas is expensive! At $4 a gallon and with no end in sight, many people are scrambling to look for alternative forms of fuel. So far, there seems to be only two viable solutions: 1) get around on a bicycle or 2) run your car on cooking oil. But just how do you run your car on cooking oil? You can do so in just 6 easy steps:

1. Make sure you have a diesel engine. Volkswagen and Mercedes both make diesel vehicles that are common in the US. Other popular pickup truck makers, such as Ford, offer a diesel option.

2. Buy a conversion kit. You can get one of these kits from many places on the web, one of which is These kits are relatively inexpensive (compared to continuing to use regular gas) at about $800 each.

3. Install your kit. This is something that you can do yourself, if you know how a car works and where all of the parts are located. If you wouldn’t know the engine from the gas tank, then it may be best to have it installed either by someone you know or by a certified dealer. Going to a certified dealer would likely put you back around $600.

4. Get used cooking oil from a local restaurant. Now this is the best part. Although you may not know it, restaurants usually have to pay to get rid of their used cooking oil. What does that mean? That they will likely give it to you for free or for a very small per-gallon fee; that is, unless you are in competition with other cooking oil users.

5. Filter your oil. This is the worst part. You have to filter all of the fry gunk out of the oil before you can use it in your car. This may be a deal breaker for some people, but you might be able to pay someone a small per-gallon fee to do it for you.

6. Pour it in and drive away! You’re done and you are now running your car entirely on cooking oil! No more harmful emissions from your car and no more expensive fill ups at the gas pump.

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