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How can I convert my car to LPG ?

Nowadays we have to face it: petroleum prices have reached almost unrecognized levels. This immediately launched the question “what will I do about my car” – some people considered an electrical (hybrid car,) which can be a great solution; however, hybrid cars themselves are quite expensive. They are tough for many people to afford, especially the millions of US consumers who bought gas-guzzling SUVs during the past few years, in order to take advantage of the tax breaks these vehicles offered. A cheaper option is to go for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). LPG is actually a different type of fuel that has in its composition propane and butane molecules.

If you have a car running on petroleum at the moment, then you need not worry – you can easily turn your car into a LPG fueled automobile. In order to convert your car to LPG, you should discuss your options with the LPGA (the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association) and they will send you an approved installer. Homemade conversions are not generally made to last because each LPG system has to fit your car, and when it comes to homemade, they rarely fit any system.

The great thing is that, by discussing your options with a registered installer, the work will be done with standard systems, optimized for your own car – therefore it will be easier to find a suitable insurance for your car. Another small tip is that you may even get discounts – for example, in England there is the so-called London Congestion Charge that gives discounts for these types of systems. However, before you convert your car to LPG you should take into consideration all the benefits and disadvantages of this solution, including exactly how much you will save in gas costs and how much the cost of conversion will be.

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