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How can a diesel engine be converted to a green car ?

Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of diesel engine, has foreseen using peanut oil as the fuel source for the engine. Therefore, if you are wondering how to make your diesel engine car environmentally friendly, you do not have to worry for it is very much possible. The diesel engine car’s design includes running with biodiesel, and converting it into a green car does not include complete overhauling.

Diesel engine cars nowadays still runs primarily on petroleum diesel, however most owners are now converting to biodiesel fuels like used vegetable oils or corn-based fuel. Diesel engine car owners can purchase kits for biodiesel conversion that costs about a thousand dollars for installation.

The conversion process includes an additional fuel tank installation for heating the biodiesel fuel for Biodiesel is meant to solidify when the temperature drop. The heating process comes from a running line through the radiator from the additional tank in the car’s trunk. The kit also comes with a fuel tank and thermostat switch located near the driver’s seat. As soon as the vegetable oil reaches a certain heat level, it activates the switch that draws the heated oil to the engine block. The regular petroleum fuel line is shut off while the engine is still using the biodiesel.

Due to the contaminants and food particles vegetable oil contains, a special filter is placed near the engine block to ensure that only the heated oil goes through the engine. There are blended petroleum biodiesels available that that keeps the processed oil liquid even with low air temperature. Adding a second fuel tank and fuel lines are still a question on diesel to biodiesel conversion, but if a stable form of organic oil with a lower point of solidification is developed, the need for the heating process may be eliminated and biodiesel engine can be fully established.

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