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what kind of car engine has a greater lifespan?

I am thinking of buying a car and I am confused as to the kind of engine I should s, settle for, a diesel engine or a gasoline engine? Others say that a diesel engine is better than a gasoline engine. However, a diesel engine accordingly has a shorter lifespan.
If this is so, is there a standard lifespan for car engines? I need to know about this since I am also considering of buying a used car, hence I have to reckon with the number of mileage. I can’t find anything on the internet about engine lifespan.

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12 Responses to “what kind of car engine has a greater lifespan?”

  1. d marques said :

    Japanese or German

  2. mojave_explorer2k said :

    In the USA gasoline is much more common.. diesels will last many hundreds of thousands of miles if cared for properly. They are mostly used in large pick up trucks for pulling trailers here. In an automotive use as a regular passenger car gasoline is much more common and requires less maintenance.. also cost less new..with good care you can get 200,000 + miles on a gasoline engine ..but I personally trade before 100,000 miles. Proper care and maintenance is everything if you want to keep it for a long time.

  3. Didgeridude said :

    I think diesel engines are simpler and tend to last longer. There just aren’t many options out there for diesels unless you want a big truck. Your only reall options for diesel cars are Volkswagen or Mercedes.

  4. hotman_nc_32 said :

    in my experiences, with proper care to the vehicle as it should be….a honda vehicle will outlast all others.

  5. joeyamas said :

    Diesels are generally known for having long life spans. They also get better gas mileage, but diesel fuel is usually a bit more expensive and not every gas station has it. Diesels are also much more noisy.

    A diesel engine is designed for high torque, so it is very good for towing heavy loads. It is also a very expensive option on most cars, and will add to the purchase price of a used car. That increased price could take a long time to pay off with the fuel savings.

    If you want an engine that will last forever, get a diesel. But don’t choose your car just on the engine.

  6. waycar111 said :

    diesels have substancially longer lifespans, and get better fuel mileage. I don’t know where you heard otherwise but is simply isn’t true. Most of the big rigs you pass everyday have 500,000 plus miles on them. One gallon of diesel contains approximately 147,000 BTUs of energy, while a gallon of gasoline only has 125,000 BTUs.

    Dodge, Ford and GM learned long ago that they were better off buying diesel technology from experts such as Cummins, International and Isuzu than spending tons of money developing it themselves. These manufacturers all have years of experience building heavy-duty, over-the-road diesels that have to log 100,000 miles a year for years on end, routinely haul heavy loads and may have to idle for days at a time. Think of the diesel engines found in GM, Ford and Dodge pickups and SUVs as mini big-rig engines. The average gas engine is only good for around 125,000 miles before needing a rebuild and isn’t designed to constantly pull a heavy load. A diesel can go more than three times this amount before needing an overhaul.

  7. cpoole_2 said :

    Diesels will last longer but are more difficult to start in cold weather when they get older

  8. .CH3TES: . said :

    go wit somethin asian like a mistubishi or toyota or honda.

  9. Jon said :

    diesels last for ever but there not common in US so with gasoline engines go with a Japenes

  10. gillyguy said :

    engine lifespan has a lot to do with how well it was taken care of. gasoline engines are better designed to be driven short distances and shut off/restarted often. diesels are designed to stay running and drive long distances. its usually a little more expensive to repair a diesel engine. diesel fuel is more expensive now than gasoline. the best engine for longevity and durability is probably a small four-cylinder gasoline engine in a honda, toyota, or any domestic vehicle. as long as it is maintained properly.

  11. technicalperfection said :

    Just reading through some of the answers here, it becomes apparent that you folks in the US arn’t up to speed with modern “small-vehicle” diesel engine design and technology… They’re clean and quiet, and their performance rivals that of gasoline engines. Most European and Oriental manufacturers offer their European markets the choice of gasoline or turbo-diesel engines in most of their vehicles. Like the Skoda 1.9 litre turbo-diesel engine that propels the Fabia from 0-60 mph in 9 seaconds! Is diesel fuel really more expensive in the US? That’s odd, because it’s actually cheaper in the rest of the world. Acquisition is more expensive, spare parts and maintenance too; but much better fuel economy, engine reliability, longevity and value retention, usually outweighs the higher acquisition and maintenance. Toyota, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Hyundai, and a bunch of manufacturers do diesel–at least in Europe; so, if you have the choice: do diesel too!

  12. Porfirio Grabski said :

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