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How can I drive to save petrol ?

With the high cost of petrol these days, everyone is looking for ways to cut back. Luckily, there are many strategies that you can use to cut back on petrol and keep that money in your wallet. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Carpool – If you can find a co-worker or two to carpool with, all of you can save gas at the same time. If you can find co-workers who actually live in between your house and your job, even better!

Turn down the AC – It may be hot outside, but it is even hotter at the gas pump! Turning down your AC will help save on gas and save on money. Try rolling down all of the windows, especially on breezy days, to stay cool.

Check your tires and your oil – A well maintained car will use less gas. Things like having low tires or dirty oil will put more strain on your car and cause it to use more gas. So, keep air in your tires and clean oil running through your engine, in order to keep money in your pocket.

Take unneeded items out of your car – The more weight your car hauls around, the more gas it will use during the trip. Therefore, it is important to keep all unneeded items out of your car, especially your trunk where the heavier items end up. Also think about having fewer people in your car whenever you can help it.

Buy a fuel efficient vehicle – This is the most expensive way to save on gas but, in the end, it will save you money. Plus, they are good for the environment.

By remembering these five tips and putting them to use, you will be saving petrol in no time. These tips will keep more money in wallet, so that you can spend it on other things, and you will be helping the environment, to boot!

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  1. Henry Velasco said :

    Im considering foregoing the Big Sur leg of our trip in lieu of the Northern Coast all the way up to the far north redwoods and back, but hope that Im not making a big mistake, knowing that we may not make our way to California ever again.


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