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How do electric cars work ?

Petroleum amazes us every day – its prices simply keep rising and rising. It is almost impossible to predict if you will be able to keep driving your car as you used to, in the future. Most people are already shortening their vacations and holiday trips to save a little more gas and polls report that many people are already cutting back on their everyday expenses in order to pay for their gas.

Adhering to gas saving tips has been useful up until now for some, but just as people adjust to the new prices, the prices rise again! Luckily, there is a solution that can help you cut down your gas expenses and save money no matter how high gas prices rise. The solution: electric cars!

So, just how do electric cars work? First, an electric car is powered by an electric motor, compared to old-fashioned cars that contain a gasoline engine. From the outside, it is almost impossible to tell whether a car is electric or powered on gasoline. However, when you are driving the car, you will get a few hints – for example, the engine is very silent. The main difference appears when you open the hood and get a glimpse of the electric engine, which is powered by a controller, and the rechargeable batteries, that are used to power the controller.

The interest in these types of vehicles has risen within the past few years, not only because they do not need a lot of gas, but also because they are environment-friendly – a big concern now that global warming has become such an immediate threat. After all, who wouldn’t want a car that is cheap to travel with and keeps the environment green and the air clear? Most people would – as long as they can afford the initial investment!

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