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Qualifying for a Government Grant or Loan for Car Repair?

I am on Social Security Disability Income. Recently my Saturn Automobile engine blew. I consulted and paid a Californian Certified Mechanic to diagnose and give me a cost as to my blown car engine.
He confirmed the “Blown Engine” and told me he could repair it for $1500.00. Help I need either a Personal Car Repair Loan or Government Grant. I have a checking account and can make reasonable monthly payments. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Qualifying for a Government Grant or Loan for Car Repair?”

  1. Suddenly Human said :

    There is no such thing as a grant to get your car fixed. Contact your bank and see if you can take out a signature loan to have your car repaired. You may need to sign over some collateral if you don’t have good credit.

  2. imisidro said :

    No such thing as grants for car repair

    Check out Grants.ggov and you wont find any

    Your best bet is to check if you can use your credit card or whether you can get a personal loan from your bank


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