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Is it worth the hassle to try and sue a car repair shop?

I spent over 1000 dollars and my car still has the same problem. They convinced me I should replace my engine head and it would fix my problem, but I still have the same problem as before. I don’t think they ever figured out what was wrong, and they made me pay for a repair that wasn’t needed. Do I have any real chance of getting my money back?

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3 Responses to “Is it worth the hassle to try and sue a car repair shop?”

  1. Alli K. said :

    Probably not, sorry. Have you checked their BBB rating?

  2. STEVE P said :

    Possibly. You would need an evaluation from another car repair shop and a diagnosis from the auto mechanic. Describe the problem to the mechanic and see what he says. Get documentation from the mechanic of what the problem is and estimated repair costs.
    Once you have the results you can discuss with the second repair shop what the first told you and what they did and then ask if the diagnosis and repairs made by the first shop were the right ones. Then you may consider speaking with a lawyer to see if you have a case.

  3. Tobi Fishbeck said :

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