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How do I use tyre irons ?

Installing a new set of tires on any car require the utilization of tire irons. These irons are metal devices used to take nuts that hold the wheel in its place off, as well as detach the tires from the rims. Tire iron is a device that automotive mechanics has and always ready for use. If you want to know something about tire iron, here are some tips and information on how to properly use them.

Prior to the development of tubeless tires, tire irons were just a simple set of two metal bars used in removing the tires from the rims to avoid damaging the inner tube. One end is composed of a tapered end and the other one is like a lug wrench and used for removing lugs that hold the tires from the vehicle. Once the lug nuts are all removed, you can lift the car using a jack and the wheels can easily be removed. One tire iron is used to lip in between the rims and the tire, after inserting the first tire iron, the second is used to slide and work around the rim. Then, the replacement is installed.

Even though tire irons are no longer utilized in changing a tire on the road, most automotive shops still use them to replace an old tire. Even today, the process of using tire irons is still the same as before. The car is lifted and the lug nuts are removed to take the wheels of the car completely. Then, the tire is positioned on a platform, then remove the tires using the tire iron and replace them with the new inflated ones. After the procedures, the new wheels are ready to be installed back in the car.

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