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What is a diesel engine ?

The diesel engine, which is an efficient alternative to gasoline engine, is a type of internal combustion engines. Invented by Rudolf Diesel to have a variety of engines to choose from, he received the patent for his invention only in 1892.

All types of engines work by producing a controlled explosion in the sealed piston chamber. This explosion moves the piston quickly to rotate the output shaft. The difference between the two engines lies in the process of ignition. Gasoline engines use a mixture of air and fuel that is injected into the chamber and ignited by a spark, which is created by a sparkplug. Diesel engines don’t require a sparkplug; instead, fuel and air is forced into the chamber and natural pressure results in heat enough to ignite the engine.

Some diesel engines are designed with a glow plug that heats up the chamber, minimizing the pressure needed in turning the engine on. Diesel engines require diesel fuel, which is much cheaper than gasoline because it requires less refining. In addition, diesel engines perform better in terms of mileage compared to gasoline engines.

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