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How much would this car repair be?

I recently closed my car door and the belt buckle itself locked in the door. I tried opening it from the in and outside. It won’t budge. About how much would this repair be?

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2 Responses to “How much would this car repair be?”

  1. Mustanger said :

    Get inside, pull the handle and kick the door open, it’s just bound up on that seatbelt buckle. Cost – Free.

  2. JAMES B said :

    Oh boy I did this to my 70 chevelle malibu when I was a kid. It is caught in the post and the door latch. eeee gats, I had to have my brother get inside and kick the door and I was outside pulling and trying to open the door handle at the same time we finally got it but it was a b)*)h. And my belt was mush with grease. Good luck There is no other way to my knowledge without breaking the door. Use the other door till you can get some good guys to help you, Or dad.


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