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What type of car should I rent to travel around the Black Sea?

We’re heading to Trabzon tomorrow, and we want to rent a car to drive around the area for a week. We can’t decide between getting a smaller car for the better milage, like a Renault Clio, or rather a larger car for the safety and visibility, like a Renault Kangoo.

Can anyone offer any advice or opinion about driving in the area? Is it so mountainous that a larger car is necessary? Or should we be able to get by with a smaller one and save on gas?

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One Response to “What type of car should I rent to travel around the Black Sea?”

  1. Crazy Turkish Guy said :

    It is all about your personal preference and your driving skills. If you’re a good driver and comfortable driving a small vehicle through the harsh and unforgiving mountains than go for it 😛 I personally do not like compact vehicles so I would choose the Kangoo if these were my only two options… Hope that helps 😉


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