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What is a good first car for a female teenager?

I am a 16 year old high school student, and I want to buy my first car in the next few months. I was just wondering what kind of car is good for me. I want something that I can get used and under $3000. I also want it to be cheap on gas and insurance. It also has to be reliable, of course. And it would help if it looks decent too. 🙂

Also, is there a good web site to find a cheap used car in Ontario, Canada? Or possibly a specific car that would suit my needs?

Thank you.

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7 Responses to “What is a good first car for a female teenager?”

  1. Rattlingmurdock said :

    Anything Honda or Toyota, I strongly suggest any brand of Honda. Check out this website:

  2. Thomas V said :

    celica, or jetta

  3. Alex0424 said :

    Toyota Corolla or even better, find a Geo or Chevy Prism, same exact car as the Toyota, but they’re half the price of the Corolla because no one likes the name Geo or Chevy in the used market.

  4. Eric H said :

    hyundais and kias are some of the safest, cheapest and most fuel-efficient. they dont hold their value very well, which makes them very cheap to get used, since they start out cheap when theyre new. they have tons of airbags, and have a very long warranty on them too (you have to check to see if the warranty is transferrable to second owners). wouldnt suggest a hyundai accent or a kia rio…too small and underpowered, but maybe the slightly larger models, the hyudai elantra, or kia spectra. if you have a lil more to spend, the kia sorento is a nice-looking SUV/crossover. it has the look of a luxury SUV, and the V6 that they put in it makes it quicker than you would think!

  5. Truth B. Told Garlic Nose said :

    My teen drives an 00 Jetta. Dodge Neon, Chevy Malibu, Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent, are all decent vehicles you might be able to find in that price range, though with high miles. Get a 4-door, insurance will be cheaper. Good Luck!

  6. •明• said :

    Toyota Camry or Corolla
    Honda Civic or Accord
    = perfect first car

    All of the models go back pretty far so if you get an older model, it will be cheaper, though the body of the car is a little outdated but what can you expect for $3000?

    The cars are all reliable and get good gas mileage because they are smaller cars. They are also pretty safe in case you get into an accident. Not saying that you would. (I hate it when people assume that you are going to get into an accident just because you are an “inexperienced teen driver.”)

  7. Paul29 said :

    Go to Focuses on new cars but you will get an idea what cars you prefer…based on what’s most important to you. is an excellent site to find used cars… Good luck!


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