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What is the best car window paint that looks good yet affordable?

I am planning on decorating my friend’s car for senior graduation. I want to write stuff on her car using the special paint that most people use to put “go team” on their cars. I’m not quite sure what they use. Anybody know? Or that has done it before?

If all else fails, what else can I use to draw/paint on people’s cars that is not permanent?

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6 Responses to “What is the best car window paint that looks good yet affordable?”

  1. Lyca said :

    Shaving foam, or a bar of soap!

  2. Kasey C said :

    That stuff is on sale at Kragen’s or similar car part stores. If they don’t have it, ask them to look in the computer and see which nearby store would have it.

  3. Jose L said :

    They sell it at your local autoparts store.Its bassically just a stick of like chalky paint.Ask for it and it will be there for sure.Also if you have some of that white paint that comes in a bottle to retouch ur white sneakers, that works too.

  4. Krusty the clown said :

    Dupont CroMax Pro. See your local bodyshop supply store.

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