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How do you tell if a car has good gas mileage?

I guess I’m new to this whole “car-buying” deal. I’m not really sure what it means when a car has a certain amount of miles on it. Does it have something to do with how much gas costs? What’s a good number of miles and what isn’t?

Can someone explain to me the basics I’d need to know about finding a car with good gas mileage? I’m interested in buying old cars, which is the thing.

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5 Responses to “How do you tell if a car has good gas mileage?”

  1. Katy M said :

    How many miles a car has on it is how many miles it has been driven. Gas mileage is how many miles per gallon it gets. Over 30 would be good.

  2. slyradr said :

    lookk for the words honda ,toyota , mitsubishi ,nissan or datsun some where on the vehicle

  3. ladystang said :

    they figure an average car gets 15k a year on driving. so take how old the car is and multiply. if over then they figure high mileage and don’t buy unless way cheaper.
    gas mileage is how many miles it gets to a gallon of gas. this can also be affected by how you drive and how well maintained the car is.
    new cars come with how much they get. ask the seller if he knows.
    later you check by buying gas. driving and putting back the same amount of gas and divide the miles into the difference.

  4. Paigey[♥BPunk]TheMakeup-Artist said :

    I say anything Under 130.000 is good. Im looking to buy a car and I need to look at the Mileage on it, I think I did but I forgot what it was… tehe 🙂 I really need to look at the miles on my car ”IM BUYING””

  5. JF said :

    The gas mileage listed for a vehicle is a EPA estimated mileage. In other words tests have been run on that model of vehicle and the gas mileage for highway and city driving, these numbers are estimated and are there to give you a basic idea of what kind of mileage it could get. Your actual mileage will vary and it can be higher or lower than the estimated amounts. For example my 99 Monte Carlo was EPA rated 19 MPG city and I regularly got 25 miles city in horrendous traffic conditions. Alot of it is going to come down to how you drive, if you just drive it easy you’ll always get better mileage than if your always pedal to the metal everywhere you go.


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