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Which luxury car is the most expensive to maintain?

Out of all the luxury cars, which car is the most expensive to maintain and repair?
I was just wondering because I currently own a ’98 Mercedes C230, and I’m trying to figure out if I should keep it or buy something else. BUT I need to know if it would be the best option because I might be putting more money into a newer car (any) , but I do want another luxury-type car. Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “Which luxury car is the most expensive to maintain?”

  1. Jumpy said :

    I have to say the H2 Hummer. I heard that it has a lot of problems and breaks down a lot.
    Regarding best cars in the USA I would say Lexus. They break down the least of all the luxury cars out there. Mercedes and Porsche I think is quite good. Don:t buy Cadillac they break down a lot too.

  2. BFH said :

    If you wan’t to do a lot of repairs, get a Lincoln. It’s like a Ford with leather.

  3. grizzbr1 said :

    Other than custom built exotics it has to be a Rolls Royce.

    $10,000 for a brake job … and that was just the front brakes!


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