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What can i dot to make my pond hold water ? and what to do for the pond floor?

I have a pond but i cant think of something that will hold the water. i currently have a waterproof tarp thing but im sure that wont last very long, also what can i put in the bottom of it. I tryed to put sand but it makes the water go very blury and you cant see the bottom, even after i wash it many times.

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8 Responses to “What can i dot to make my pond hold water ? and what to do for the pond floor?”

  1. Preacher's Wife said :

    It will start to hold water after a bunch of leaves fall in it and sink to the bottom. Or maybe it’s too sandy.

  2. taximomuv3 said :

    You buy a pond liner to line the pond with – no need for sand.

  3. tintin said :

    If you can afford it – spread the floor with concrete, do not forget to waterproof it by laying a waterproof sheet before laying the concrete. You can ask the guys who do TV shows on this – the ones who build/ renew/give you a surprise when you are out of your house.

  4. grannygrunt28391 said :

    You forgot one very important part of the question. Is it made of:
    1. dirt pond
    2.clay pond
    3.pond liner/such as EPDM or Xavan
    5. if it’s a garden pond with a liner do you have a geotextile underlayment?

    You have had several answers all of which dosen’t indicate that these considerations were thought of.

    Suggestions and links of products you can use for any type of pond.
    ( # ‘s1. & 2. ) bentonite clay called Pond Sealer.
    for dirt bottom ponds

    #3.pond liners/or new liner
    Black Foam / Seam Tape
    #4. concrete
    Suggestions/store Lowes
    Quikrete 10 Lb. Vinyl Concrete Patch
    Item # 137822
    Model # 1133-11
    Quikrete Quart Concrete Bonding Adhesive
    Item # 10427
    Model # 14420

    #5. geotextile underlayment
    (if it doesn’t say geotextile I won’t buy it.)

    Of course all of these ponds will have to be drained if they are small garden ponds with liners or made from concrete to do the repair.
    Luck you if it’s a dirt pond I don’t think you have to empy it just put the bentonite clay in it and wait for it to settle.
    My hobby is a small garden pond and relatives own landscaping business. I get gets lots of info and know all the best places for prices.
    Good Luck to you.

  5. Rose said :

    I bought a black pool lining from Bunnings and expect it to last for at least 10 years. My previous one was a blue tarp and it gave way where they had joined it so beware of joins. The water will clear after a few days. You will need some kind of soil or sand if you want to grow water plants. I have gold fish in mine and I run a pump once a week or more often if I want to show off my waterfall.

  6. Judy B said :

    Talk to a pool supply store. You need to line the pond with special pond liner material that is UV resistant and will last 10 years or more. You don’t need to put anything on the bottom over the liner.

    See link below for details.

  7. Marco Reist said :

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  8. Silvana Steeples said :

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