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I have a pond in my back yard and it is full of crayfish(crawdads) Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

Well, my pond is full of these things, and the pond is full of holes, some wholes are as big as your fist! My pond will leak down pretty quickly. I have tried Bentinite(lots of it) and the pond still leaks. I really think if the crawdad or crayfish were not in our pond then the pond it would hold water. And maybe then the bentinite would fix the holes. But these things were still there after we put about 400 lbs of bentinite in the pond, Now the pond is about 1/4 of a acer and so that is not really big-So could someone please help?? Because right now it has some water but as the weather heats up i assume it will go dry. It went dry last year. The only thing the pond is good for at this moment is for the grandbabys to catch lobsters!!! (LOL) So please, does anyone have any idea on what i should do?

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6 Responses to “I have a pond in my back yard and it is full of crayfish(crawdads) Does anyone know how to get rid of them?”

  1. Waynette S said :

    I live in East Texas and we have crawfish at the bottom of my hill. It is not legal, but I live in the country and no one has checked on this yet. I put a moth ball down each hole and close it up with my foot. This kills the crawfish, and if there are a lot of them, there may be an odor after they die. Good luck.

  2. Tracey said :

    get a raccoon they will eat them…lol

  3. tisktisktask said :

    Catch em and have a crawfish boil.. or sell em to neighberhood kids as pets… sell em’ to neighbors for them to have a crawfish boil.
    The only reliable way to get rid of them is to get rid of the water.
    Is there a creek/river near by where they repopulated to come back to your pond after it refilled from having dried up?
    Try calling your local conservation office, and/or natural resource orgs.

  4. brendana1221 said :

    id have a guess that what you have to do is let it dry out, which seems to be inevitable the way you explained it.

    and then fix any problems that you’re having with the leaks like you said

    i really doubt these crawdads are causing all the problems, it more than likely how the pond was created, let me guess you guys rented a backhoe and did it yourself??

  5. vikingsquid said :

    Use a drift net and haul them in, then make a big ol’ pot of gumbo.

  6. bowtrol scam said :

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