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What kind of flowers are good for a small pond?

We just installed a small pond. It is only 125gal. I would like to put some water lilies in but know some pond plants can be very invasaive. Also do you need to feed them or other water plants like you do garden flowers? What kind of plants do you suggest for around the pond and other plants in the pond?

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6 Responses to “What kind of flowers are good for a small pond?”

  1. Sto S said :

    mostly any but just make sure that if they are shade plants you plant them in the shade and if they are sun plants you plant them in the sun. there are many kinds of Lily’s that look nice

  2. Koko said :

    I have a small pond of maybe 500 gals and have pond lilies and irises…. that come back each year but I think on the pond lilies you will need more depth than you have with 125 gals. why not give it a try. I also buy new each year, water hyacinth and water lettuce.(I live in NH and they don’t winter over) these aren’t very expensive, that are both floating plants. If you have fish they will love the shade and all plants help the eco system. can give you some ideas even if you decide to buy them locally. Oh ya, about the feeding. I do give mine some water plant food tablets that have to be poked into the pots, but it is difficult because you have to remove the pots that will become grown in a bit to the bottom rocks or sediment.

  3. Paul G said :

    Water lilies will get invasive. They look really nice when first installed eventually they will get quite large and you will have to thin them out on a yearly basis. They are perennials which means they will go dormant in winter but will come back year after year.

    You could try water lettuce and hyacinths. Both are small and will propagate themselves. The hyacinth will produce a small purple type bloom.

  4. carol said :

    Water hyacinths are illegal in many states because of the way they reproduce and clogged up the streams and waterways,but many have them in their gardens incl. me. Just make sure you do not throw your excess in someones ponds or lake! I also have water lettuce which is really pretty. There are many grasses that are ornamental and also some flower somewhat and they do not take up too much space.Iris , cannas,elephant ear, arrow leaf and many other plants can be planted in or around your pond to give it a really tropical look. Make sure you have the right species to handle a lot of water though. If you have some small goldfish in your pond you shouldn’t have to fertilize your plants because of the fish poop. Make sure you have the kind of fish in your pond (if you have fish) that won’t damage your plants and vice versa. If your pond is balanced you shouldn’t have to do anymore than give it a cleaning once a year if that often. A good resource for information is Water Club of South Texas. They have a website and are really sweet and helpful people! They would be really willing to help you with all questions and problems you might have. Have fun!

  5. thegubmint said :

    There are a couple of dwarf varieties of lily that would work in a small pond like yours. Lilypons is a good start to look for some. Pretty much all pond plants are invasive, that’s the reason that you always put them in pots.

    In a 125 gallon pond, I’d put in 1 dwarf lily, 1 pot of japanese iris, and probably 1 pot of bog bean to go across the water. You could also use acorus, taro, horsetail or even dwarf cattails in a pond that size.

    For around the pond I like ferns and iris. I also have something called wire plant by one little pond that is a low grower and trails into the pond, very cool.

    About water hyacinths. Your pond is small so they’ll fill the hole thing up within a month. They’re good filters and fish like them to munch on the roots, but you’ll have to keep up with them to keep them from taking over the whole thing. They do compost well.

  6. saaanen said :

    “the gubmint” is 100% right on. I would like to add that the cheap lillies from HD, etc, are really invasive, and not worth the money. Spend a few more bucks at a pond store and get a really good lily. They will give you years of enjoyment.

    Fish do NOT fertilize the plants. I use the Jobes from the dollar stores.

    As far as the landscaping plants, I have: Spiderwort, 3 small grasses, Garden Germander, and, my favorite, Burgenia.


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