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How does one clean a pond after the winter?

my pond is very messy. it has leaves and many other small particles. and the water is mirky. how should i clean this? i took out a good amount of the leaves.

and in the fall when all the leaves are falling, how do you stop the leaves from entering the pond?

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One Response to “How does one clean a pond after the winter?”

  1. Tankman said :

    You may want to purchase a (depending on the size of the pond) pond vacuum and use it to remove all of the large debris in the pond. These come in various sizes and price ranges. You should then fire up your pump and filter to clear up anything else that is left. The last step would be to add some beneficial bacteria to the pond to remove the waste/sludge that is left from the winter. The LAST thing you want to do is drain the pond….this would be stressful to the fish and all of the beneficial bacteria that has been built up over time will be lost.


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