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How do I get rid of bees around my pond?

I have a 500 gallon pond with koi fish. Bees have discovered it as a water source and have become a problem.

I am not afraid of bees, I know that if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

My pond is only 5 feet across so I can’t just let them have their space. There are 10 bees there at any given time.

It’s gotten to the point that I can’t get close to the pond during the day without stirring them up. I have to do everything at night with lights on which is a pain.

The bees are coming for the water, the hive is not on my property and I know what direction they are flying to but not where they are going.

Will anything deter them? I can’t spray anything because of the pond plants and fish.

I’ve resorted to catching them with a net and stepping on them but I don’t really want to kill them, I just want them to go somewhere else.

I know they won’t bother me if they aren’t provoked but it is hard to watch my koi fish eat with 10-15 bees buzzing around my head!

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7 Responses to “How do I get rid of bees around my pond?”

  1. Marcia said :

    get some garlic bees do not like garlic

  2. renpen said :

    Are they bees or hornets? I wouldn’t kill any of the bees but the hornets are fair game. They also get a aggressive this time of year.

  3. Poopy said :

    I’m afraid that bees/hornets/wasps are just a “necessary evil” that comes along with owning a pond. We have tried those flourescent yellow hornet traps, hung about 3-4 feet off the ground in the main flight path/”highway” seeming to be used by the bees, and that has cut it down somewhat. However, I don’t think there is anything that will get rid of them permanently, unless you find and destroy their nest. Even that will probably only keep them away for awhile – a reliable water source is just too hard for them to resist. I still go out and do my pond maintenance during the day when they are around, though – I just shoo ’em away from me when they get too close. So far, no stings (knock on wood….)

  4. Joker 1 said :

    Give them an alternative water source.

    Watch the bees and notice where their coming from. Place the new container of water, between their nest and your pond. It won’t get rid of all the bees, but it should get rid of most of them. Just make sure the new source of water stays fairly fresh or they wont touch it.

  5. sophieb said :

    since there has become recently a problem with bees having a short life, I would think beekeepers would just love to have your bees. Give one a call. Maybe they’re listed in the yellow pages, or call your county’s horticulture extension office for their phone number.

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  7. Gearldine Diallo said :

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