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How hard is it to build a pond?

I read that instead of buying a prebuilt pond, I could just dig it how ever deep I want it then line it with a waterproof tarp. Is this possible? I have a limited budget for my garden but I have always wanted a pond. I think it would be great for meditation. Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “How hard is it to build a pond?”

  1. MacOda said :

    Yes. I don’t know what your budget is but per foot can get pretty pricey.
    The liner is very important. You want something tough to prevent leaks.
    Pond liners can be expensive but liners allow for great designs. I use commercial roof liners. Cheap and strong. You must wash them with white vinegar because the power on the liners is toxic to fish. Don’t forget you need a filter and circulating pump. The bigger the pond the more $$$$$. I had fish in mine; it was approximately 13′ X 25′ 4 feet deep, with landscaping. Total cost was approx. $1000.00 Labor was zero. If you dig it out by hand you won’t need any time in the gym.

  2. weather said :

    yep thats a great way to make a cheap pond. then you can buy some land scape rocks to surround the edges and keep down the tarp, and even buy a water pump to make water fall.

  3. Henry Zapbeav said :

    I build ponds for a living, start with looking up in the internet how to build a biological filter first!!!! Go from there.


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