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When building a garden pond, must all the EPDM be coverered with rocks – all the way to the bottom?

I’m building a waterfall that empties into a pond (that’s where the pump and skimmer are.) Some people say that I need to cover the EPDM with rocks – but the sides of the pond are steep, even with the ledges that I dug into them.

Is it okay just to put rocks around the perimeter of the EPDM? Will the EPDM get damaged otherwise?

What other materials besides rocks can I use?

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3 Responses to “When building a garden pond, must all the EPDM be coverered with rocks – all the way to the bottom?”

  1. pat from ohio said :

    No it is not recommended to fill the pond with rocks as it makes normal cleaning difficult. I have had my pond for almost 9 years now and the liner is still good. If you want the look of rocks in the pond, they make liner material that is gray with a pebble pattern. It’s best to use liner made for ponds as the surface is ideal for microorganism growth which keeps the pond healthy. Make sure to not build it in direct sun, it needs a good amound of shade to keep algae from taking over.

  2. mary h said :

    The EPDM will be fine uncovered as long as it is mostly covered by water- the only areas i would recommend covering the epdm are if you have any level areas around the waterfall, but it sounds like the waterfall is drop style so nothing to worry about.
    Its all a mater of preference some people like to add rocks so it looks more natural. If you do want to use rocks on the inside of the pond- you must use river rocks with a smooth finish (gets expensive), because regular rocks have the slightest sharp edges that with dirt settling below will cause pressure on your liner and can puncture it. Like previously mentioned i wouldnt use rocks at all- they collect algae, are impossible to clean, they will be green within a year even with a good filter.
    One tip for adding the rocks at the perimeter- use just a few rocks at first to hold liner – then fill the pond to desired depth , then set the rocks around the perimeter- the water will settle the liner and push it into place on the walls, if the rocks are all set before the water is added then it can stretch the liner and cause premature leaks.

  3. Jarod Marchesi said :

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