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What is a back seat driver ?

In a perfect world, a driver would benefit more from driving alone without defending his or her decision related to how he or she drives. Unfortunately, most drivers experience the company of a backseat driver who are very vocal and hypercritical. A backseat driver mostly do the driving by giving out directions and spending much of the trip playing the role of an unofficial co-pilot.

The back seat drivers are usually experienced drivers who think that the one on the driver’s seat in not that qualified to drive. To pay off for the unfortunate position, a backseat driver will take it upon himself by criticizing the skills of the actual driver. Besides being very annoying to other passengers, it is dangerous and distracting for the driver.

The main reason why someone becomes a backseat driver is lack of trust. He or she may think the actual driver is too young, unfocused, inexperience or unskilled for driving. A nervous parent is a great example of a back seat driver, whenever an adolescent daughter or son is behind the wheel. A husband may feel obligated to give out criticisms and warnings whenever his less experienced wife drives into town.

Another reason people turn out to be back seat drivers is an alleged loss of control. There are drivers who just cannot hand over control of an automobile to an unfamiliar or unproven entity. Perhaps a driver has had a dreadful experience as a passenger in the past, or sometimes he or she has always been the designated driver of the family and is not comfortable putting his or her life in the hands of others. These worries about someone on the driver’s seat shows in being a backseat driver.

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