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How can I avoid car accidents ?

The nature of accidents is that you will be surprised and there’s no one way of avoiding it. The one best way to be ready for an accident is making sure that you are not the cause of it. This means that you have to drive safely, observe the rules of the road, stay alert, never drive under the influence of alcohol and keep distractions like smoking and using cell phones at a minimum. One reason for car accidents is when parent try to discipline their kids on the back seat. You can prevent accident by pulling over and talk to your kids for them to settle.

Again, there’s no definite way of completely avoiding an accident, but you can be a defensive driver. You can prepare for accidents by using cars with high safety rating. Your risk of injury will decrease if you are in a safer car. Wearing seatbelt is another way of staying safe and that if children are on board; their safety seats should be secured properly. This guarantees that the child has the least risk for injuries.

Due to the growing number of road accidents, air bags were invented. Newer air bags like the side curtain air bags are best for children in the back seat. However, the older air bag models are quite risky for children, especially if there are still less than five feet in height. Be proactive and prevent a child under five feet to seat on the front passenger seat for the air bags may cause more injuries for children.

Auto insurance is also a way of being prepare for an accident. If you have a loan or lease car, most banks usually request that your car should be fully insured. Even if you own your car, it will give you a much better coverage if you met an accident. We really can’t predict or prepare for an accident; however, we can be proactive about the financial and physical damage it may cause.

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