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What is a muffler ?

A muffler is the exhaust system of an engine that reduces emission and noise. Often located underneath a vehicle at the rear, and in case of a freighter trucks, muffler usually uses a vertically mounted system in the cab rear.

A muffler has one or more tailpipes and back-box. A muffler reduces great amount of noise produced by the engine, even if the noise produced by the engine is from the combustion. Most of the unnecessary noise is coming from the pressure waves created by the rapid closing and opening of the valves. The back-box of a muffler is designed to absorb the pressure waves and carefully spread it inside the cylinders and chambers.

A high-performance muffler consists of straight pipe made of steel with perforations. This cancels some sound while creating little backpressure. Glass insulations wrap the tube and protected by steel shell, also known as the glass pack. These kinds of mufflers are very popular in the 60s and 70s, and earned the street name cherry bomb. The high-performance muffler is still popular nowadays in classics and hot rods.

Due to the muffler’s location in a car, it is usually forgotten. A muffler can rot, rust overtime and sometimes fall off a car. it is very important to check your muffler from time to time to make sure that it is securely clamped on to your car. if your muffler looks rusted, it needs to be replaced to be at its best performance. A poor conditioned muffler might cause you,  especially when you passed a state, and does not meet the standard smog test. If you are good with the wrench, you can buy mufflers at any automotive shops and install it on your own or you can have them install it for you.

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