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Do you need to graduate high school to work in a Car/Truck repair shop?

I want to look for work in a few years in a Vehicle Repair shop, i figure it’s easier and faster then actually building the car. I KNOW I’ll have to know how an engine works, but besides how that works, do I NEED to graduate from high school?

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3 Responses to “Do you need to graduate high school to work in a Car/Truck repair shop?”

  1. Dentist H since 2001 said :

    You can get a GED. But a high school diploma is best. What about taking Vo-tech in school?

  2. molitor said :

    Graduating from High School shows a prospective employer that you can stick to a task and complete it. Having technical training after you graduate shows an employer you are serious about your trade. Sorry but I’d turn you away. Unless there were some documented hardship that prevented you from completing your course of study I’d figure you to be just another screw up.

  3. BR Tiger fan said :

    Not a requirement, but it is a plus.
    In most states, you must be 18 years old to operate hydraulic equipment. Since almost everything we do involves operating hydraulic equipment, I do not hire anyone under 18. If you are unemployable at a shop until you are 18, you might as well get your diploma. It proves to future employers that you are capable of completing a task and following basic directions.


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