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If you have to have a Motorcycle License to buy a motorcycle, how do you get a license without a motorcycle?

I’m wanting to go and buy a new bike but I don’t have my motorcycle license and I have only limited experience. So, I need a bike to practise and then to go and take the test to get my license. So, how is it possible to buy a bike without having a motorcycle license first?

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13 Responses to “If you have to have a Motorcycle License to buy a motorcycle, how do you get a license without a motorcycle?”

  1. Lover not a Fighter said :

    You get a permit. Then practice with a friend or with MSF course. When you complete the course, you even get a license.

    simple solution to simple problem

    Good Luck…

  2. brandy said :

    go take a driving course…. normally you can take them at community colleges

  3. ablex said :

    Look for a motorcycle safety or training course, maybe at a community college.

  4. sensible_man said :

    Never heard of a license required to buy a motorcycle. What you should do is take a Motorcycle Safety Course. They provide the bike and the training. Most also test you at the end of the course and you get your license.

  5. JF84 said :

    The rules on this will vary by state. Some places you can buy a bike without having a license and in other states you cannot. If you want to practice though the best thing to do is to check out the motorcycle safety courses offered by your state’s Department of Transportation. These courses are also offered at local colleges. They are usually held once a week (mostly either Saturday or Sunday), and sometimes are free, but sometimes a fee is applied. The best part is they provide the bikes for you to use throughout the training course, and upon completion of the course you can get your license. Completing one of these courses will also lead to lower insurance rates for you.

  6. Jess said :

    You can take lessons where they provide a bike for you. You can’t just take off with the bike, it’s a classroom setting with a closed course. Otherwise you’d need to find someone who has a bike who’s willing to teach you. I wouldn’t go buy a bike without a license anyway because you wouldn’t know much about what you’re buying.

  7. david d said :

    The motorcycle dealer doesn’t care if you have a license before buying, just the money to buy. You could use a friends bike to get your license with before buying. Or you could just go to DMV and get a moorcycle permit, in which you are not required to actually ride a motorcycle to get. You only need to take the written part to get a permit. then buy the bike and practice on before actually taking the license test.

  8. T-Mac said :

    As far as I know, you don’t need a motorcycle license to buy a motorcycle… at least where I am from (Colorado, USA).

    You can certainly buy a motorcycle, you just won’t be able to legally ride it on public streets. You can always buy the bike and have someone else with a license ride it home for you, or somewhere you want to practice with it that’s legal.

    You could also trailer it home. The point is, just because you’re buying the motorcycle doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be riding it on public roads.

    I would definitely recommend a safety course, though, as they will provide you a bike, and at the end allow you to test for your license. This will give you some experience, and the proper instruction for riding a motorcycle.

  9. bikerbob1961 said :

    most USA states have a learners just a written test .some like my state has a MSF course that also counts for the driving part of the test .get learners take the course and on your way
    30+years ago i road to DOT they ask me how i got there i said”i road my bike”got license just for not getting killed riding up there lol i think its better now

  10. guardrailjim said :

    I don’t know of any state in the US that requires one to be in possession of a motorcycle license, to buy a motorcycle.
    If you are old enough to enter into a binding contract, you can buy whatever you like.
    You can buy an airplane without a pilots license, you just can’t legally fly it.

  11. hippie chick said :

    take a motorcycle safety course and that will solve your license problem. BUT I don’t know where you heard it but you don’t need a motorcycle license to BUY a bike, you only need it to be able to ride it. you could just as easily buy the bike and use it to practice in a parking lot and noone should be able to bother you. good luck!

  12. indianjohn said :

    Not sure about your part of the world but you dont need a lic to buy a motorcycle

  13. emucompboy said :

    I bought mine without even a permit. I brought cash to Pasadena Honda. The next day, my friend, who had a license, picked it up.


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