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How long before a California motorcycle license expires?

I don’t plan to purchase a motorcycle for another few years when I’ve saved up enough money, but I would like to get my motorcycle license by taking a class and passing the written test. When I get my California motorcycle license, how long will I have it before it expires? And when it expires, do I have to take the skills and written test again? I don’t want it to expire before I purchase a motorcycle. Thanks in advance.

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4 Responses to “How long before a California motorcycle license expires?”

  1. * Jiro * said :

    if you get your M1 liscence, it is just an endorsement on your regular Class C liscence. Meaning that it expires the same time as your regular liscence.
    you shouldnt have to retake the skills test, but just like renewing your regular liscence, you may need to take at least part of the motorcycle dmv written test. but i have yet had to renew mine, so im not sure on the motorcycle part.
    also, remember that when you go to get your M1 endorsement, you also have to renew your class C liscence at that time, meaning you will need to take half of the written test for regular class C. i didnt know that when i went to get my M1 and failed that part the first time. xP

  2. Ride All Year said :

    Start at the link below. It was real easy to find. All I did was open a window for my search engine, then type in “california motorcycle license information” and POOF! There it was!

  3. Rosann Frederick said :

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