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How do you get a motorcycle home from a dealership if a beginner?

I just got a motorcycle license and am going to buy a motorcycle from a dealership that is relatively far. I am not confident if I can ride on freeways and busy traffic.

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9 Responses to “How do you get a motorcycle home from a dealership if a beginner?”

  1. devilchild2470 said :

    put it on a trailer or in the back of a truck, possibly ask the dealership about delivery.

  2. mushki said :

    Your going to have to drive it sooner or latter anyways so just take it easy on the way home, maybe even take a different way home if you are worried. If you have driven on the same road and the same traffic before in a car, I wouldn’t worry at all about being on a bike, you already know how to deal with it. Remember on a bike more people will pull out in front of you than with a car simply because bikes are smaller and harder to see.

  3. "MAIKOO".... said :

    GOT FRIENDS? Maybe you can ride up there with one
    of your friends that know how to ride and they could bring
    it home for you.
    Be certain they are licensed to ride, NOTHING is worst
    than trying to get an insurance company to pay on a policy
    after an accident. Because the rider had no license.
    And they weren’t on your policy.

  4. Marine4life said :


  5. PonyDriver said :

    If you can’t get or rent a truck or trailer, ask if your dealer will ship the bike to your home. Not all, but some dealers will do this for their customers.

  6. Gerald B said :

    Drive in a car to the dealer with a friend who is a licensed and experienced rider. Have that friend ride the bike to your home/neighborhood.

    When you get back home, your friend can help you ride it on quiet streets, so that you gain confidence. Do all the little drills you learned in motorcycle safety class (I hope that is how you obtained your license) in your neighborhood, and if your friend has a motorcycle, have him lead and you follow him/her on short rides, and eventually on the freeway.

    On the freeway, just go on it for one exit… then 2-3, then more, until you get confident. You must be `onfident with the bike and respect the machine… that is the biggest obstacle to overcome in order to gain your confidence. Congrats and good luck!

  7. Kurt B said :

    grow some cojones get on and ride if you wreck may it be a lesson learned

  8. mazzy250 said :

    It is simple, just how you got taught, except easier, it’s alot safer than a normal street, as the cars aren’t swerving and balance is easier, just concentrate, the only wa you will get confident is by riding.

  9. Scott H said :

    The dealership may deliver it for an additional fee. I’d suggest you do that if you can’t trailer it yourself. New bike + new rider = potential disaster. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk. Nobody wants to hear a story on the news about somebody why was killed on their way home from the dealer with a new bike.

    When I bought a bike last year, I hadn’t ridden for over 25 years and I had the dealer deliver it. I had a 20 mile ride in heavy urban traffic on a bike I had never ridden and hadn’t been on a bike since the early 80’s. See my point?


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