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What are the consequences of riding a motorcycle without a motorcycle license in VA?

And can you please explain the rules of how to obtain a motorcycle license in Virginia for people under 19 years old. Please don’t pull it off or tell me to go their. Give me your words. Thank you!

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5 Responses to “What are the consequences of riding a motorcycle without a motorcycle license in VA?”

  1. David K said :

    Penalties for riding without a license are severe. You could lose your drivers license for a year, if you have one, or be ineligable for both if you have neither. The 19 age is not important unless you have never had a license anywhere. If you have a license (car) you can get an “endorsement” on it, an ‘M’ by taking a written test and a road test. Get a learners permit… ride for three months then go take your road test. If you have an extra 250 dollars I reccommend the Riders Edge school (call a Harley dealer to find one) … you’ll get your license at the end of it if you pass.

  2. racefanwfodhr said :

    dude call your local dmv and ask.
    ride without a license go to jail.

  3. Barcadcadacada said :

    Why do you want MY words when the DMV is THE authority. If you don’t want the correct answer you shouldn’t ask the question.

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