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What happens when they forget the motorcycle endorsement on your new license?

I moved to Florida from Maine a couple of years ago, and the DMV forgot to add the motorcycle endorsement emblem on my new FL license. I have a copy of my old ME license that is inactive but shows the endorsement. Do I still have my motorcycle license or would I have to take the test again?

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8 Responses to “What happens when they forget the motorcycle endorsement on your new license?”

  1. fordman said :

    No. You do not have a motorcycle license anymore. It is not on the Florida license and your old one has expired.

    Go to the DMV and take your paperwork and explain it to them and get the endorsement on your current license and then you are legal again. good luck

  2. Yes I am here!! said :

    Good luck. Take your old license to the DMV and show them the err of their ways but fully expect them to not admit they made a mistake. You could very well wind up having to retake the test.

  3. superspiker69 said :

    It sounds like they screwed up twice.
    1) They didn’t transfer the MC endorsement.
    2) They should have confiscated your old license.

  4. ROBERT G said :

    you do not have a motorcycle license in the state u live in, you could get a ticket if u were stopped, ask the dmv about getting a m/c license

  5. leecavcu said :

    Your MC endorsement should be transferable. I would raise hell at the DMV till they complied. Did you just not look at the license when they handed it to you or did you have it mailed to you? If they refuse to endorse it then demand to talk to a manager. I wouldn’t stand for that and you shouldn’t either.

  6. TOM W said :

    Happened to me in NC. I went to a driver license office, was told it is THE DRIVERS responsibility to check the accuracy of the license AT THE TIME it is issued. And so I paid the fee for a new license that had the endorsement on it.

    It was, I felt, a very reasonable policy that holds an adult responsible for the accuracy of his own license. IMHO more policies like that would eliminate a lot of wasted time and money.

  7. Linsey Varty said :

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