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can i get car repair with my disability?

I am on disability and i my car is really messed up i cant get my sticker because of my service engine lights are on. I went to autozone and they checked it, it showed ten codes. I dont have the money to fix my car and i was told there where programs for people on disability that would pay most of my car repair. Just wondering if true and how can i apply.

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3 Responses to “can i get car repair with my disability?”

  1. JanessaCinn said :

    Call 2-1-1 and explain your problem to them. They can likely direct you to organizations that can help. Goof luck.

  2. Dauphine Thomas said :

    I bougt a car , i do not dive but i have a pca worker that takes me around, to shop , doctors office, I have Type 2 Diabeties also , and back pain so catching a bus expecially in winter is not good for me , cause i have a problem being closed in around people for long,My transmission went outta my car and now it isn,t working, i really need my car but have no money to fix it. I need help , and i don,t mind repaying on a payment plan , but income is ssi only, Do , or do you know who can help me, I live in Minneapolis Mn 55406 ,, phone ,,,612-729-2155, Thank you and God Bless

  3. Londa Fragman said :

    This website looks exactly like my previous one!


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