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What happens to the car after it is written off by insurance?

My car was in an accident and the insurance company is telling me that the car will be a write off. It is still being financed but I have purchased GAP insurance through my bank when I re-financed the car. I am just curious as to who owns the car or gets possesion of it if the GAP is covering the remaining balance of the loan? I would like to get the car back to sell for scrap in order to raise some money for a down payment towards another car.

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4 Responses to “What happens to the car after it is written off by insurance?”

  1. BadTrip said :

    it goes to your local auto salvage auction, and can be sold to general public, find out where its at , most likely you get one time membership there to bid… good luck

  2. ? said :

    You can offer to buy it from GAP, they scrap it or sell for salvage.

  3. luludoodie said :

    It becomes the property of the insurance company who get ?x? money from the scrap yard that takes it for recycling.

  4. paul said :

    You do not own the car as you financed it and still have outstanding payments, therefore you will have to pay the outstanding balance even if you no longer own the car, because it is a write off it will go to the scrapyard, don’t think you can buy it back, sorry for the bad news


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