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Car repair?

I backed into a white convertible (i think its a toyota but i dont know what model) with my truck. The truck is fine but there is a huge dent and scratch on the side of the car between the door panel and the tail light. I know a lot factors into the cost of repair but can i get a rough idea of the cost of fixing this dent?

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5 Responses to “Car repair?”

  1. Kitten2 said :
  2. Ian F said :

    No one will be able to tell you that without looking at it.

    vvv See?

  3. GENE said :

    $ 250.00 to $ 450.00, or if you fixed by self, only $ 50.00 in Materials

  4. Tony R said :

    1300.00 2500.00

  5. Procellix Cellulite Cream said :

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  6. Atirah said :

    No.First, it takes 7-10 years to repair ceidrt safely. The only thing that you can do to ceidrt quickly is to make it worse.Second, I am not aware of any reputable ceidrt repair companies. I can tell you that any company that guarantees that they will repair your ceidrt quickly is not reputable and is not safe.


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