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what is a good car repair manual to buy?

I want to buy a manual that will allow me to do the most repairs to my car, for the best cost. I have a 2K Tacoma if that matters. Thanks ALL!

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7 Responses to “what is a good car repair manual to buy?”

  1. surfcityguysc said :

    Factory repair manual is best. Haynes or chilton manuals are ok for basic repairs. check out ebay.

  2. alexandriaferrari1 said :

    Yes I have to agree with the above poster. Chiltons is the bible of auto repair. As well as searching a manual for your particular vehicle because it is not common and I would be wary of ever having to take it to a mechanic. The factory manual for your vehicle can be located relatively easy but also purchase a copy of Chiltons it is very user friendly.

  3. rational.anarchist said :

    Try Chilton’s or Haynes. They are geared for do-it-yourself. The factory mechanic’s handbook will tell you exactly what to do, but it will assume you already know how to do it. Very few of the newer cars are capable of you doing much in the way of engine repairs, but you can at least do some of the chassis work, as well as not sound like a complete idiot when you are talking to a mechanic about the parts that need a computer to fix. You won’t be falling for the “you need your framistan adjusted” scam.

  4. halsca said :

    I’ve always like the Haynes manuals the best. Factory repair manuals are super expensive and don’t always explain the easiest way. I’ve got a 2004 Caviler. Can’t seem to fine either the Haynes or Chilton manuals for this vehicle. Wonder why? The Chevrolet manuals cost 300 dollars they’re two of them and they don’t offer very clear explanations.

    Example: in the shop manual dealing with the chassis they stated you need to remove the entire rear bumper assembly to replace an air vent located in the trunk, all you need to do is reach under and remove it. To replace reverse the procedure.

    Of course if you’re the dealer there’s more money in dismantling than simply reaching under and around.

  5. paul h said :

    Chilton or Haynes are good but somewhat incomplete… has factory manuals available as does or for online access.

  6. FastEddie said :

    Chilton and Haynes are good for basic stuff. If you need a serious manual try Mitchell. Some libraries have it in the reference section. Try checking that out before you buy anything.

  7. catmandew said :

    The Factory manuals are the best, but are very expensive. As far as other vehicle-specific manuals, Chilton’s have a lot more info than Haynes or Clymer. All you have to do is look at how thick they are to tell that. And the prices are pretty close to the same.

    Another alternative is to go digital. You can get a subscription to for a single specific vehicle for $25 for one year, or $45 for 3 years. Virtually (no pun intended) as good as the Factory manuals.


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