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Does it cost money to get an estimate on a car repair?

My sister’s car has a lot of problems, and it seems like it would take a while just to identify them. Do you have to pay for their time to figure out the problem or is it free?

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6 Responses to “Does it cost money to get an estimate on a car repair?”

  1. JD said :

    Anything they can figure out with the car in-tact should be free, however anything that will require disassembling for troubleshooting will likely cost you something.

    Don’t be fooled by free estimates, they can and will take your car apart for free, but you’ll have to pay them to put it back together if you decide you want a second opinion

  2. Jeff said :

    most repair shops and dealers will charge for electrical diag, usually 1 hour. however if its a visual inspection usually they will look at it for free.

    Keep in mind when you take a car to a mechainc shop or dealer, there are 2 steps to the repair, most shops will charge a diag fee and then a repair charge, but some shops will tell you that if they diag it and then you want to do the repair they will put the diag fee towards repair…but if you say no to the repair you pay the diag fee

    A) Diag
    B) Repair

  3. Stephen said :

    Nowadays especially on new cars/trucks,because of the computer diagnostic system no. However on early models where they had to spend alot of time pouring over manuals yes.

  4. Head This Way said :

    Yes, to help make your car estimate experience more easy go to this web site

  5. bandit_60 said :

    a lot of places if they know what,s wrong with it then they sometimes will quote you a price what it will cost you. i have before talked to a mechanic and asked their advice what they think could be wrong without paying them.

  6. Jackie Norris said :

    it should never cost to get an estimate you can tell a mechanic you will not pay any more than the estimate he gives give him a break sometimes a problem can be found until car is taken apart he would still have to return car to you as you brought it to him if it cost more than estimate and you don’t want it done


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