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Car accident-do i have to pay excess and cost of repair?

Hi, i just had a car accident last night. I was at fault because i didnt stop to give way. I have just reported to the insurance company and the claims department are working on it. I know i have to pay the excess on my car, to get it repaired at the insurers approved repair centres. Hopefully i will get a courtesy car.

I am fully comprehensively covered but am wondering after the car is repaired, is the excess all i have to pay? Will there be extra charges because i was ‘liable’ for the accident? The other partys car got moderate damage also but luckily no injuries and do claim for injuries either.

Thanks for any help and advice on what i should do.

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6 Responses to “Car accident-do i have to pay excess and cost of repair?”

  1. badbill1941 said :

    If nothing else, your insurance premiums will increase at renewal time.

  2. Lance R said :

    Just your deductible for now. But be prepared for your premiums to increase.

  3. fdibella1125 said :

    For now, you only need to worry about your deductible. Depending on your driving record and insurance company… you will probably have an accident surcharge on your renewal that will stay on there for the next 3 years.

  4. Rica 82 said :

    If you are fully covered, then you are only responsible for the deductible. Now if you incurred more damages then you are covered for, then you will be responsible for difference, if you want to repair the car. Your insurance company will do two things: they will either give you the amount that the car is worth or they’ll give you the amount of repairs due, depending on which is less.

    As for the other car, if your car gets fixed first and they don’t have full coverage, then they will only be entitled to the difference of the amount left on your policy, to repair their car.

    As for the injuries, you never know if they’ll present a bodily injury claim. You’d be surprised.

    Your insurance will go up. And there shouldn’t be extra charges b/c thats why you have insurance, in case you get into an accident. So don’t worry too much about it. You pay for insurance for a reason.

  5. CowboyBill said :

    You should only have to pay your deductible if you are fully insured UNLESS the cost to repair the damages exceed your policy limits or you are instructing the repairer to do some repairs outside the scope of your policy. Here in the U.S. you can have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice. In any event, be sure the claims dept. explains the entire procedure up front and if you don’t understand anything, ask them to explain it again. I sense you may have misunderstood something about this claim. The claims people are there to service and assist so ask them to do so.

  6. bundysmom said :

    You pay your deductible on your car, the insurance pays the rest of damages to your car. If you have rental car coverage, they will pay towards the rental up to your policy limit-per day maximum.

    As for the other guy, they will pay his rental/vehicle repairs up to your proper damage limits of your policy. If your limits do not cover the total cost, you may have to pay the excess .


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