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Can you prefer to ride 125 cc motorbike for long distance?

I planning to get a motorbike to ride about 2 hour a day.
Also, I going to vist outside of London by motorbike every weekend with my friend behind me.

Do you think is it difficult to ride 125cc long distance every day?

(I like motorbike which is under 400cc, but I don’t want to get on online such as ebay, gumtree. Therefore its difficult to find motorbike more than 125cc.)

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11 Responses to “Can you prefer to ride 125 cc motorbike for long distance?”

  1. kelly_f_1999 said :

    would be fine for 20 miles or so if its a back road or city driving maybe but for trips longer might look for a bigger one

  2. J G said :

    Depends on what sort of roads you’re riding: For town work, a 125cc trail style bike is ideal for cutting through traffic & give good visibility.
    If you’re thinking of doing any distance or motorway work, I would definitely go for something bigger – something like a Honda NTV400 is a good all rounder if you don’t want to go bigger.
    I assume you know what training & tests you need prior to riding.
    There are thousands of bikes of all sizes for sale all over the country – try

  3. Martin l said :

    hi there,

    i live in harlow essex i have two bikes a gsxr 600 and a yamaha ybr 125 to commute to work, before i got my bigger bike i used to ride my ybr 125 from harlow essex down to the isle of wight which is around a 100 miles, as long as you dont sit flat out the whole way and you have breaks to let it cool down it should be ok

  4. A U M said :

    It will be boring.
    When you ride that long you need a bike that can deliver power at any moment.
    If you can handel I would suggest a cruiser like thunder bird, enter etc.

  5. Dimo J said :

    Depending on the roads, the 125 will be just as fast as a one liter sport bike; and a lot easier / relaxing to ride. So yes, you can prefer to ride the 125.

  6. mt03 ben said :

    If you don’t have a full uk motorbike entitlement on your license
    you can’t ride any other cc than 125cc.and with L plates and a C.B.T.

    why do you find it hard to find a bike more than 125cc?
    go to a dealer they have loads of 250,450,660 ……
    when you say with your friend behind you do you mean pillion or on another bike?

  7. 1991FZR600 said :

    Shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. ratinabag said :

    hi yes you an do long distances on a 125 i do bike rallys on mine from time to time up to 4/500mile round trips you just have to leave earlier and stop more to cool the bike down. get a cruiser for comfort though. lol

  9. Philip P said :

    I ride a VAn VAn as a second bike
    I’ve ridden it to cornwall and back from hampshire 230 miles each way

    also in one day ive ridden from basingstoke to exeter in one day again 230 miles.
    I’ve ridden it 3/4 way round the M25
    and use it off road too
    so 125 is a brill bike anyway most A roads have been restricted to 50mph well within the 125’s ability..

  10. robynbiker said :

    two hours isnt long distance!.
    It depends on the bike and you size n wieght. If you on say a HOnda cg125, CB100n and your not too tall n dont wiegh much, then youll have no problems riding round on it on very long distances.
    Myself i have a CB100n which i rode from birmingham to manchester to visit a freind. But when i rode over to David Silver Spares, i found that i was in discomfort for days!.
    When i was younger , shorter and lighter, i rode a Cb100n to Lyon in france and back, only suffering minor numbess and extreme fatigue lol.
    But bear in mind that bikes around the 125 mark were more designed for town work- not really long distance runs, but its possible if your careful and dont hammer the bike all the way.
    Town work, these bikes are great for town-city hoping.

  11. tmin said :

    Ride a 250, it isn’t much bigger than a 125 and has more power for when you need it. It is not to hard to handle for someone small and light and it is comfortable to ride. I my self have ridden much bigger bikes and got around a lot faster, but if you are not in a rush then ride a 250 you wont be sorry.
    Good luck, be safe and keep up right, remember, it’s not if you fall it’s when you fall, always wear a helmet.


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